About Endless Cyber War

The National Cyber War Foundation and all of its affiliations and collaborators have built the 24x7 live-fire, real-world, cyber conflict.

Participants may engage in this conflict during events and conferences the NCWF and/or any of its official Cyber Warfare Range operators are attending. A mobile range is stood up as a new outpost in the conflict.

Participants join one of the Corps and use their secure login to access materials, resources, and communications platforms. Working with their fellow Corps members and outposts they play their part.

This cyber conflict has been ongoing since 2012 and is dynamic. It is constantly changing. Outposts may be tasked with specific missions or general action as directed by Command Corps. The secure web portal supplies most of the information needed.

For participants who are not ready to actively engage in the conflict. A local training range and educational content is supplied to new or novice recruits. When they feel they are ready, they are expected to join the fight.

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